Louie’s Rich History

Picture of Art BennettIn 1933, Art and Kay Bennett opened a small tea room to add a growing commercial presence in the town of St. Peter’s. The Bennetts held a contest at a local elementary school to name their new establishment, and on the advice of a 3rd grade student, the Cosy Corner was born.

The Bennetts eventually sold the Corner to Etta Duggan, who, in 1942 sold the Cosy Corner to Joe Mancini. There have been many stories passed around over the years as to where Joe got the money to purchase the Cosy Corner. Some say it was in a poker game, others say he was betting on the ponies, but either way it was St. Peter’s that won.

Joe Mancini made some additions and renovations and brought the Cosy Corner to its full potential. He served many people during his time at the Corner, including a visit from Johnny Cash, which resulted in an infamous hard boiled egg eating contest. Joe, staff, and family ran the Cosy Corner for 28 years before selling the Cosy to George Urquhart, who ran the Corner for a short 2 years before selling it to Louie Boudreau.

Buses in front of the old Cosy Corner.

Louie’s first run at the Cosy Corner was very much a family affair. Financed by his Mother, he ran the Cosy with his Wife, Sister, and Brother-in-law. Over the years, he employed nieces, nephews, and his children and contributed to the delinquency of countless high school students as they ditched school to come to the Cosy for fries and gravy.

After 18 years, a night drinking with pro-wrestler Killer Karl Krupp, one customer falling through the glass dessert display case, a chicken shack, and countless coconut cream pies and fried ham sandwiches, Louie packed up the family and headed to Port Hawkesbury and passed the Cosy to Parker and Fonda Stone.

Picture of Cosy Corner.Fonda, Joe Mancini’s Granddaughter, showed her flair for design and gave the Corner a fresh new look and added a coffee shop. The Stone’s ran the restaurant till 2007 when it was transformed to MacNeil’s Cosy Corner which included a new bar but the same family oriented feel.

Sadly, in the 2009 the Cosy Corner closed its door to the hungry public for the first time until January 2010 when Louie and family returned home. The years, the owners, and the transformations may be easily documented but the laughs, good times, acts of charity and friendship, and of course the yummy home-style meals are far too many to count and continue to grow by the day.